Different Types Of Wild Birds Have Their Own Unique Characteristics

The types of wild birds that you may find in your yard are extremely varied and will differ depending on your geographic location. There are some birds that have a wide range of areas they can be located in while others are very limited to an area in which they reside. The seasons also have a direct effect on the types of wild birds and the popularity of these birds.

Since many birds migrate for the winter the type of birds that you will find in the winter will vary greatly from those you will find in the summer. However, there are some species where not all the birds of that species will migrate. There are also some species that do not migrate at all regardless of the weather.

There are about as many different sizes of birds as their types of wild birds. Although there are many different types they tend to fall into different categories. While there are literally thousands of different species of wild birds there are about 3 dozen or so families or categories of birds.

In many cases it is easy to see the association in these families such as the duck and the goose being in the same family. However there are some families of birds that cannot be so easily associated. Many of the smaller species of birds closely resemble each other and it is often hard to tell the difference on quick glance, unless you are a seasoned bird watcher.
There are also those birds that fall into the category of game birds, or birds that are hunted for food or simply recreational pleasures. The most common game bird is probably duck or turkey, but it is also popular to hunt grouse, partridge, and quail.

There are some wild birds that closely represent each other but are actually in different families, one example of this is the quail. While the old world quail falls into the same family as turkeys, the new world quail are in a category their own. Both families are birds that rarely fly, but the new world quail category of birds mostly resides in the western United States.

There are some types of wild birds that are associated with particular regions of the country. A perfect example of the is would be the Pink flamingo who is clearly associated with Florida, and the great white eagle which is believed to be located mostly in the mountainous areas. Some birds evolve to their surroundings such as the falcons that live among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.